VU Final term Current papers March 2022

Vu Final term Current Papers March 2022
Vu Final term Current Papers March 2022
Virtual University has been conducting Final term exams for all studies programs. The final term exams have been started on 14 March 2022. Here we are providing you with the VU Current papers for March 2022. We are providing you with the VU Final term Current papers March 2022 of Bio203, Bt501, Bt302, Bt101, Bt102, ZOO507, Bt405, MTH101 below.

Virtual University Fina term Current papers

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BIO203 Current paper

Date: 15 March 2022
Allele-specific PCR
SNPs applications
Multiplex PCR
Mini PCR
Analytical and preparative chromatography
PCR limitations
WGA applications
Design primers
Immunosorbent microscopy
Alkaline phosphatase

Bt501 Current paper

MCQs from ppts
How artificial skin is made? Write the process in points. 10 marks
Difference between drug and medicine.5 m
Work of Killer T cells and Helper T cells 5m
Disadvantages of live attenuated vaccines.3m
Name and explain 3 strategies for the production of genetically modified animals 3m
Elisa techniques for the diagnosis of Hepatitis B in blood 5m
Applications of DNA microarray technology.5m
possible Solution of reversion of attenuated vaccine that has been used. 2m
What is GWAS? 2m
Name of two genetically engineered plants that are originally produced by using antisense techniques. 2m
the function of B Lymphocytes.2m
Disadvantages of Nuclear Transfer and cell-based techniques.3m

Bt302 Current papers

Repeat ho Raha hai
1)Hybridoma formation 5marks
2)Anatomical barrier 5matks
3)Cellular barrier 2 marks
4)Classification of immunodeficiency based on the mode of acquiring 2 marks
5(Horizontal transmission and vertical transmission 2 marks
6)Opsonization process 5 marks
7)Factors affecting antigen-antibody test 3marks
8) Self-antigen and autoimmunity 3 marks

BT101 Current paper

All Mcq from sir aman 118-page wali file k final term portion se
(2mark question)
1, What is the survivorship curve
2, what are the trichocysts
3, the amount of carbon dioxide in gasoline-burning
4, what are the different components of organisms’ fitness
3 marks questions
1, what are the different forms of energy in the ecosystem
2, evidence of natural selection
3, what is the function of peroxisome
4, circulation in Annelida
5 marks questions
1, Types of parasites
2, structure and function of Golgi apparatus,
3, reproduction in arthropods,
4, differentiate between homology and analogy,
Half McQ from mid-portion and a half from the final portion
1. What are the components of 1st atmosphere (2)
2. What are heterotroph (3)
3. Features of phylum Coelenterata (3)
4. Digestion and nutrition of phylum Platyhelminthes (2)
5. Detail note on water pollution (5)
6. Detail note on consumer resources of the ecosystem (5)
7. Types of pseudopodia (5)
8. Define transpiration, percolation, groundwater (3)
9. Detail note on genetic drift (5)

BT102 Final Term current paper

2 marks
Difference incidence and prevalence
Name two antifungal drugs
Long questions 10 marks 1procedure of capsule staining
2 immunity and types in detail
5 and 3 marks
Anaphylaxis diagnosis causes treatment
Clonal selection theory
How microorganisms cause damage to the body
MCQs from past files mostly and also some are new but easy must-read handouts for objective

Bt405 Current papers

What is nano-coating? (2)
What is a biological nanopore (3)
Application of nanotechnology (5)
Biosensors application in the environment (3)
Role of iron as micronutrients (5)
How nanopore is used for DNA sequencing ( 2/3)
Liposomes’ role in antimicrobial treatment 5)
DNA origami(2)
Production of aptamers (3)
What is a photoresist(3)
What is lipofection(2)

MTH101 Current paper

Maths ke paper mein MCQs easy they such statements the Kuch solve karnay that.
Questions such mushkil Kuch asan.
End walay lectures mein se aye that Ziada tar.
Evaluation by substitution methods, Newton method, divergence and convergence, limits walay Bhi they kuch.
Today is my paper bio503 at 11:00
Name any four amino acid
Name ion channel
What is NMR
What is MRI
Describe the structure of DNA
What is ultrafiltration?
Define SPECT
Why cell membrane is called a selective membrane.
Difference between active and passive electrolocation

Zoo507 Current Papers 

What is IDA?
Define autotrophs?
Causes of global warming?
Types of pollution?
What is acid rain? types of noise pollution?
Types of ecoregion of Pakistan?
The questions thy sary. Or mcqs itny zaida thy yaad hi koi nhi rhy .
How many types of desert
Natural bird in Pakistan?
Normal pH of acid rain?

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