Top Latest WhatsApp Features 2022

WhatsApp has been visible working on a handful of new features in current weeks. some of these capabilities are currently in development, even as others are reportedly being examined in beta shape (because of this their rollout is not to this point away). most these days, WhatsApp was noticed checking out Instagram Reels integration at the platform. We’ve compiled a listing of WhatsApp features that can be inside the work and are possibly to roll out in 2022. the brand new WhatsApp features are expected to beautify the messaging revel in and introduce some new use instances for the app. If you search for Top Latest WhatsApp features 2022, you are right place.

Top Latest WhatsApp Features 2022
Top Latest WhatsApp Features 2022





Send a single message to multiple people at once:

Broadcasting a single message to a couple of people right away is possible. honestly click on the menu (three-dot ellipse) and pick ‘New broadcast’. you’ll get a choice to send an equal message to a couple of human beings by including the contacts inside the recipient listing. Click on the ‘+’ sign-up on the right and pick the names out of your touch list.

Send a single message to multiple people at once
Send a single message to multiple people at once

Format your text

you could now send messages in formidable, italics, or strikethrough too. use the unique characters before and after the phrases to get the formatting of your preference. as an instance, use asterisk for ambitious (*hey*), underscore for italics (_hello_), and tilde for strikethrough (~howdy~).

Find out who you chat with a lot

in case you need to know who you’re chatting an excessive amount with on WhatsApp, you could discover via simply scrolling through the chat screen. however, if you have cleared out the messages or if they may be too many, it will likely be difficult to discover effortlessly. For this, head to the settings and click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Account’, and then ‘garage usage’. right here you will find a listing of contacts you’re presently speaking to and if you tap anyone, you can discover how a whole lot of records you have dispatched or obtained all through all chats. Now you may find out who is your good buddy. this selection is to be had only on iPhone for now.

Save data when using WhatsApp on Mobile networks

in case you are roaming, or if you are on a slow or high-priced data community, you may pick out to reduce your data intake by way of selecting what you need to automatically download. you can pick to selectively download video, photo, or audio while you are roaming. moreover, you may also click on ‘Low information utilization’ to reduce the quantity of data used during a WhatsApp call.

Mute chats and groups

in case you are on a set that sends too many messages throughout or if your pal sends you too many unwanted messages, you may sincerely mute the group or touch to forestall alerting you. you could pick out to mute the audio alert or the notification respectively. The messages will come in but will best show you while you begin WhatsApp. choose the contact or group and pick the ‘mute’ choice from the menu.


Control your privacy

if you don’t like to show everyone for your contact list which you are the use of WhatsApp, you could close off the ‘closing visible’ choice from displaying up on their screen. you can additionally choose to disable blue ticks (a form of reading receipts) and flip off your profile photograph. Head to ‘Settings’ and you must find it inside the ‘privacy’ option. but, you should realize that if you disable these options, you can’t see others the same from contacts.

Share documents

WhatsApp has started out allowing you to send and acquire documents too. at the same time as photographs and videos are allowed for certain, PDF, Excel and word documents can also be sent. without a doubt attach the document for your chat and the percentage of your files. WhatsApp is rumored to additionally allow GIF documents in a short at the same time.

Read messages without blue ticks

when you read a message, you furthermore may send returned a read receipt to the sender. This way she or he knows that you have seen the message. however, in case you don’t need to send a examine receipt (blue tick) back to the sender, you can read the message without them understanding it with easy hints. in case you need to read a message, without a doubt reduce off all data networks to the telephone. Use airplane mode and turn off wi-fi  Open WhatsApp, examine your message. as soon as carried out, close WhatsApp using killing it from the reminiscence too (use an app killer if needed) and then start your data again. This appears tedious, right. the opposite handiest trick is to add a WhatsApp Widget to your computer. If a message arrives, you may read the entire message without the sender knowing it. truly wireless scroll the message on the Widget. however, pay attention, if you click on the widget, you’ll cause WhatsApp and a blue tick can be sent throughout.

Stop auto download of photos and videos to save data

much like turning off audio and video downloads whilst roaming, you could additionally choose to selectively download photos and videos whilst on facts or wi-fi respectively. Head to the settings and you will wireless the needed settings beneath ‘data usage’.

Add shortcuts to your home screen for individual chats

if you are constantly speaking to some buddies or a few crucial contacts, you may lessen the time to start WhatsApp and hunt for the call and begin communication. certainly long press at the touch and pick ‘add chat shortcut’ from the menu. you could upload the chat touch without delay to your desktop and start chatting from there itself.

Add dates to your calendar

that is currently the handiest to be had on iPhone. if your contact sends you a date within the chat, you’ll be able to see it in blue and underlines. long pressing on the date can permit you to upload the dates in your calendar and create an occasion.

Use WhatsApp on your PC

if you need to apply WhatsApp on your pc and have the convenience of a large physical keyboard and a huge screen, honestly connect your phone to the pc using WhatsApp internet. Head to ‘’ and experiment with the QR code on the display screen along with your mobile (from settings and WhatsApp web). Your whole WhatsApp chat might be seen on your browser. as an alternative, you can additionally download the standalone software program of WhatsApp for your computer from ‘’. You need to have your cellular cellphone connected to the internet too to use this selection.

Send messages to yourself

sometimes you need to check a message before sending them out. you may send them to yourself on WhatsApp earlier than sending them on your touch. To try this, definitely create a WhatsApp group, add a pal after which delete him from the institution. Now you are alone in that institution, and you can send messages there. it is also a splendid choice for taking brief notes.

Transfer files between PC and mobile

although this is not completely purposeful, you can still transfer documents and media from your phone on your computer and vice versa. truly ship the media file or record to yourself (test previous trick), and you could keep the same in your laptop or laptop the use of WhatsApp web.

Protect your chats – disable notification preview

when you receive a message, you could see that message scroll for your notification bar, even if you don’t have WhatsApp opened. however, even though this feature, you may have sensitive messages being read through unwanted factors peeping into your cellphone. To keep away from this, actually head to the smartphone’s settings and disable notifications for WhatsApp. as soon as performed, WhatsApp will no longer show something to your notification bar.

Make voice calls

in case you did not know it already, sure, WhatsApp permits you to make smartphone calls around the arena—with other WhatsApp users, that is. pull up the touch and hit the telephone icon to make a voice name. the call is simply free of a fee; however, you’ll spend on net information—mobile or wi-fi. you can make calls on low-speed networks too but be equipped for a put-off within the voice.

Send different emoji’s

Sending emojis turned into usually there, however, did you understand that there are extra emojis than what you notice? sincerely lengthy press on the emoji that you like, and you may see some extra come up on the listing. pick those from the listing on your requirement.

Send giant heart

that is an easy characteristic, a possible Easter egg if you need to call it. if you send a message with just an unmarried heart emoji in it, WhastApp converts the heart emoji into a large one and animates it with a heartbeat. Don’t agree with us, strive it proper now.

Quote messages within chats

this is one of the most recent functions that WhatsApp brought. you can now quote a specific message and reply consequently. in case you are in a massive WhatsApp institution or a long verbal exchange with a person, you may confer with a particular message that you are replying with quotes. lengthy press at the particular message within the listing and you will see the respond choice popup (Android customers will see an arrow icon on the top-left). click on respond and your quoted message will seem like a container together with your response.

Block unwanted people and spam

There are times when you get messages from unknown contacts. those will be unknown human beings, or truly junk mail messages with advertisements and promotions. without a doubt reduce them off from time and again coming for your phone by marking them as spam. Open the unknown message and you’ll locate two options ‘upload to contacts’ and ‘unsolicited mail’. choose as a result.

Delete multiple chats

previously, it was a tedious process to delete more than one message out of your chat listing. Now, WhatsApp allows you to choose a couple of chats or messages in the chat and delete them in a single cross. in reality, long press on a single chat or message and maintain tapping on a couple of ones after that. Then delete them from the options menu.


Star messages

you may highlight some messages and save them as favorites. these are called ‘star’ messages in WhatsApp. lengthy press on the message on your chat and click on the megastar icon. those messages can be saved as favorites in the chat itself. And if you wish to delete the chat, you may also have the choice to keep the starred messages and delete the rest.

Mark as unread

you could now mark chats as unread so you can read them later. There are times when you need to study the entire message from the contact or organization, but due to scarcity of time, you choose to read it later. but, you may forget about it too. So why now not mark them as unread to read it up later. you could additionally mark chats as unread to mark them as essential for later too. truly long press on the chat and pick as unread from the options menu.

Reply directly from the notification bar

if you receive a message on WhatsApp, you can see it in the notification bar itself (except you have got became it off). but, to answer returned, you normally open WhatsApp after which click on the message and then respond. Now, keep away from all those steps and in reality pull down the notification bar and hit ‘respond’ to right away reply to that message and keep away from wasting time beginning WhatsApp.

Backup to Google drive

save all of your chats and files from WhatsApp by way of backing it up for your Google drive. this may help you if you alternate your cellphone, or lose it. you can restore your facts lower back for your WhatsApp in case you turn to another smartphone. From the settings, choose backup after which choose to backup to Google force. comply with the manner at the display screen to permit Google to get the right of entry to your WhatsApp. you may also pick out to backup handiest chats or media and files too. Do be aware: Backing up to Google pressure will cost you online space and facts bandwidth.

Backup/Export chats and media to email

Backup or export particular chats for safe preservation. within the chat display, click on the ‘options’ menu, then ‘extra’, and then on ‘email chat’. you may send the complete chat without or with the media elements for your preferred e-mail deal.

Change wallpaper

you can choose to give your chat screen a one-of-a-kind appearance compared with the stock WhatsApp background. choose from the wallpaper of your desire from ‘options – chats – wallpaper’.

Use different languages

you may also type and send messages in the language of your preference. choose from 11 extraordinary Indian languages from the settings. Head to ‘alternatives’, then ‘chats’, and then ‘app language’.

Search messages

you can additionally look for the unique message inside lengthy chats. in case you are part of a huge WhatsApp organization, or in case you are speaking to contact for a long term, finding a particular message will become an undertaking. you may both mark important messages with a celeb or genuinely use the quest function to seek a specific message. Click on the ‘search’ icon at the top and input the text for your seek.

Get early updates

Many users like to get the present-day features on WhatsApp. but, you have to look forward to the public release of WhatsApp for them. but, if you are a beta consumer, you can get early releases to you earlier than it’s far publicly released on the app marketplace. To grow to be a beta consumer, all you need to do is sign up for it online, and henceforth you will acquire each day updates with computer virus fixes, patches, and new capabilities earlier than it’s far even released to be public. those beta versions are for beta testers and becoming a beta tester is free.

Know who has read your messages in a group

if you are sending messages to a big group, it is difficult to recognize who has read your message and who has now not. while you ship a message, you notice an unmarried tick. when you see a double tick, it method that everybody in the organization has obtained your message. while it turns blue, it way that all have read the message. but, in case you most effectively see a double grey tick and want to know who all have your message, clearly lengthy press on the message you have dispatched and click on the ‘i’ (facts) button at the pinnacle. this option will inform you how many people have received the message, what number hasn’t begun to acquire it and what number of have examined it. On a single one-to-one chat, you can use this feature to discover whilst the recipient examines it with date and time information.

Send your location with maps

that is an excellent characteristic means of WhatsApp. in case you are assembly a friend or need to ship your buddy to a particular region/cope with or virtually want to invite someone to where you are, you could ship a Google Map vicinity on WhatsApp. All you need to do is allow GPS, then the faucet on the attachment icon (the paperclip icon), and, choose vicinity. Google Maps will open up, and you may simply mark the vicinity pin and ship it on WhatsApp. The recipient can then click on the message, open Maps, and comply with the map to reach the vacation spot.

Send and receive money with Free Charge

Sending and receiving cash changed into viable on many other social platforms and WhatsApp additionally has a manner to ship and receive budget. Free Charge is one such 0.33-party app that permits customers to transact cash through the use of the messaging platform. All you want to do is install Free Charge, set up your account, and start sending and receiving money among your contacts.

Know who send you a message if you don’t have them on your contact list True caller

Many-a-times, you see junk mail messages coming on your WhatsApp through unknown customers. You turn out to be replying returned asking for who they’re (because their quantity isn’t for your contact list), otherwise you probably marked them as unsolicited mail. If marked as unsolicited mail, you will not get a hold of a message from that variety. but, the unknown messenger might be a critical man or woman, and you can leave out a few vital information. To understand who the unknown character is, simply deploy TrueCaller, so one can appear up to its database and tell you who the sender is. this is also important due to the fact if you are part of a huge WhatsApp group, you can see unknown numbers there and would like to realize who they may be.

Share contacts

you may send and acquire contact numbers through WhatsApp too. formerly, while you had to ship throughout touch data, you have to SMS it to them or email it. With WhatsApp, you could ship contacts too and the recipient can in reality click at the touch and upload it to their touch list. Click on the paperclip icon (attachment) and choose contacts from there. select the contact call and wide variety(s) from the listing and despatched it to your recipient.

Send photos from the gallery using the camera icon too

you could send existing snapshots from your gallery as ordinary using the attachment—gallery alternative. but, with a brand new function delivered recently, you can ship current snapshots from the gallery from the camera icon too. Hit the digicam icon on the bottom and you may see current pix proven up on the bottom 1/2 of the camera’s screen.

Pull back your accidentally sent messages.

you may pull returned your messages when you have accidentally despatched them to the recipient. There is typically a need to have despatched a message that could be incomplete or in reality unwanted. there is a manner to drag lower back your messages before it reaches your recipient, albeit no longer as smooth as some different messaging platforms offer. at least now not as yet on WhatsApp. To try this trick, you need to be brief—absolutely brief. whilst you send an unintended message and need to drag it lower back, in case you are short sufficient, hit the plane mode. in case your statistics connection is speedy, you could be past due. but, in case your net connection is a touch slower, you can halt the message before it heads outwards. Hitting the airplane mode may want to cut off the internet connection, and your message will not get thru. at the moment, you may delete the message and turn on statistics again. however, do consider, you have to be sincerely, really brief to get this trick done.

How to transfer WhatsApp from old phone to new

when you are carried out along with your built-in smartphone, configurbuilt-ing your new, one might be a built-in. built-in integrated if you have to switch apps with have their statistics stored on the telephone itself. Apps like Gmail, FB, video games, etc. have their built integrated saved online and are now not on the phone. built-in pics, films, tracks, and files from one phone to the other are likewise simple. but, WhatsApp will be a little tedious. There are techniques for transfer built integrated your WhatsApp from one cellphone to some other. One is to apply the characteristic built-in integrated app itself. surely backup your WhatsApp online with Google drive, install WhatsApp on your new phone, and spark off it. WhatsApp will feel that you have a few data online and will as-built integrated need to restore it. the second method is to apply a built-in pc and switch the complete WhatsApp folder from the integrated storage of the built integrated phone to the new smartphone. most effective after built-in the folder to the identical area on the new phone, you ought to install WhatsApp on the brand new telephone and spark off it. WhatsApp will experience which you have some built integrated at the telephone and could ask if you want to import it.

Use two or more WhatsApp numbers on one phone

Many have dual SIM smartphones and use two SIM built-in cards integrated on them. unlike Gmail, Messenger, or a few other apps, WhatsApp handiest built-in an integrated wide variety to be used with the app and does not recognize the alternative wide variety. You can’t use two WhatsApp applications on the same telephone to run the alternative quantity. The best alternative you’ve got is to use a third-birthday celebration app to have  WhatsApp packages on the same telephone. There is some third-celebration custom changed WhatsApp apps available built-inbuilt integrated marketplace that built-in you to use extra than 20+ WhatsApp numbers on an identical telephone. however, we suggest towards building the app built-integrated they’re no longer integrated apps from WhatsApp and are tweaked, built-in integrated unknown developers. those apps ought to have built-incontabuiltintegrated malware or backdoors, and your privacy will be at stake.

Use the same WhatsApp number on two phones

This trick is built-insane—you can run the identical WhatsApp number on two or greater smartphones and use all of them concurrently. The trick is an easy function of an app and can be built-in on rooted smartphones. built-in reproduction smartphones and their entire data with a third-birthday celebration app called Titanium Backup. built integrated don’t have a rooted Android phone and don’t need to root your current integrated smartphone both, you may use a different cellphone that has a comparable app pre-set upon it. if you very own a Xiaomi phone, you can use the trick with a simple wi-fi application that built-in you to copy two smartphones built-in with built integrated built-in.

Hide WhatsApp group photos and videos from the gallery

maximum of us don’t have much manipulate over what content is driven to our phones through WhatsApp agencies, and this content showing up in your phone’s gallery may be a big problem. WhatsApp has now added the option to hide media from specific organizations in the gallery. just open a WhatsApp organization and tap on the institution called to get entry to the choice (as proven within the picture). This approach received do away with already existing WhatsApp pictures on your gallery (you’ll delete them) and could cover new incoming media simplest.

Secure your WhatsApp using Fingerprint lock

you could additionally secure your WhatsApp the usage of fingerprint unlock. In this manner, the simplest human beings who have their fingers registered on their phones might be capable of accessing WhatsApp. To accomplish that, visit settings >> debts >> privateness and scroll down to fingerprint lock. earlier than using the fingerprint liberate, you need to recognize that in case the fingerprint authentication fails, there is no choice to liberate the usage of the pattern.

Hide particular contacts from viewing your story

testimonies are a super way of expressing your mood and maybe quite private. in case you don’t need to proportion them with all WhatsApp contacts, you can restrict specific contacts from viewing your fame updates or testimonies as they now stand. visit WhatsApp settings>> Account>> privateness

pick repute>> ‘My contacts besides’

Now select unique contacts you desire to avoid and faucet the tick mark below.

you can additionally pick the “simplest share with” option if you wish to percentage reputation updates handiest with a small wide variety of unique contacts.

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Schedule WhatsApp messages

To agenda WhatsApp messages for agencies or man or woman contacts, you could download the Scheduler app for WhatsApp. After granting it Accessibility permission, you can fill within the required fields and agenda your message.

Limit data used by WhatsApp

To limit the data consumed via the app, this is what you want to do. visit settings>>data and storage usage, From right here you could decide what all media (pics, movies, files, audio) the app can download while eating your information.

Assign different priority and sound to different notifications.

WhatsApp has introduced assist for ‘Notification Channels’, an Android Oreo feature that may be used to set precedence for distinctive types of notifications coming from the identical app. So, you may determine if you need organization messages to pop up or no longer. you can also assign them a concerning level to determine how regularly they make it to the notification panel. To avail of this feature, you’ll want Android Oreo help. if you are jogging Android Oreo, simply go to the app data page (you could also try this by lengthy-pressing app notifications) after which pick out the manage notification choice.

Pin conversation or make shortcuts

if you want to hold a particular contact or communication on top. you could lengthy-press the communication and choose the Pin icon within the options menu that looks on top. you can additionally press the triple dot menu and pick out create shortcut option to area the conservation shortcut on the main web page.

Check exactly when a particular person read your Whatsapp message

Blue ticks notify you that your message has been read, but they don’t tell you whilst exactly your contact read the message. right here is how you may test the identical:

long-press the specific message you desire to inquire approximately.

Now press the ‘i’ icon inside the top bar and you’ll see when the individual reads your message.

Quote messages

to quote WhatsApp messages, simply lengthy-press a text message and select the backward arrow from the pinnacle menu. you can now enter your textual content right here.

Email your chat conversations

you can also email the entire communication with a contact. To achieve this, go to Settings>> Chat>> Chat history. Now choose the option to ‘e-mail Chat’. choose the conversation you desire to export (without or with media) and then complete the manner using any email app of your choice. The Chat could be mailed as a .txt attachment.

Change WhatsApp number

if you are discontinuing the wide variety registered with WhatsApp, you may update it along with your new number and maintain using the identical WhatsApp account. you may locate the option beneath Settings>> Account>> exchange variety. Your new variety ought to be energetic to accomplish that.

Make UPI payments

WhatsApp has introduced UPI fee choice help and the usage of it you could effortlessly switch money on your buddies without leaving the app. the option is out there from within the chat window. just faucet on the attachment icon and discover a payment choice where the digital camera icon was once.

Send long duration audio recordings

WhatsApp has delivered another new characteristic that lets customers ship lengthy Audio messages. you could now press and keep the microphone icon and then slide it to a lock button. Now you could file lengthy messages arms-loose.

Hear voice messages privately via earpiece

Did you realize that you can listen to Voice messages you receive on WhatsApp the use of your cellphone’s earpiece (one that you use to pay attention to other humans’ voices during cellphone calls)? just play a WhatsApp voice recorded message, and lift the phone in your ear – the equal manner in which you’d attend a telephone call – and the message will automatically start playing via the earpiece.

WhatsApp Sticker packs

WhatsApp has additionally introduced a wealthy series of expressive stickers next to Smileys and GIF options. customers can download extraordinary sticker packs, rearrange them, upload private ones or even use third-celebration apps like ‘personal Stickers for WhatsApp’ to further personalize them.

Label Contacts

  • businesses can arrange their contacts and categorize them with labels for smooth get entry. In this manner, you may easily search thru your contacts and maintain them grouped and prepared.
  • Steps to add a label to a new contact: click the menu button at the client’s chat web page > select a label after which save.
  • Steps to feature a brand new label: click on the menu button on the client’s chat page > click “ New label” > click save.

Catalogs and Collections

  • Catalogs allow your company to exhibit your goods so people may want to without problems browse and check out products they may be inquisitive about and would love to buy. With catalogs, you don’t want to send each item, rate, and outline one-by way of-one as you used to do before. Now it’s miles all easily grouped in your WhatsApp page, and you don’t need to redirect your customers to the website or elsewhere.
  • For every object in your catalog, you can upload information, along with price, description, and product code. this is a lot less difficult on your customers than having to invite you to approximately every object one by one or go from WhatsApp to the website.
  • In October 2021, WhatsApp brought Collections to make purchasing even easier. they will act as folders to group items interior a commercial enterprise account. users can navigate to the category they’re searching out proper away without scrolling thru the complete product listing.
  • as soon as added, you’re free to regulate the gathering much like items to hold the statistics updated.
  • seasoned Tip: think of collections as categories on eCommerce websites. “final threat” or “Sale” might be as changing in WhatsApp as they’re at the website. the use of those on WhatsApp commercial enterprise account method offering comparable well-paved shopping experience.

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