Top Angels one-liner MCQs in Islam- Islamic studies MCQs

Here in this post, we are providing you with the Top Angels one-liner MCQs in Islam- Islamic studies MCQs. If you are preparing Islamic studies MCQs for any type of exam, then here you are at the right place. Here we are providing you with the top more repeated MCQs regarding Islamic angels.

Top Angels MCQs in Islam- Islamic studies MCQs
Top Angels MCQs in Islam- Islamic studies MCQs

Here are the top oneliner Top Angels MCQs in Islam- Islamic studies MCQs listed below 

1:The role of the Angel Michael was to Muslims believe that angels are…

Human beings

2:Made from elements of light


3:Who acts as Allah’s agent?


4:By how many angels each human individual is attended to permanently?


5:In which category do Iblees lie?


6:Who is referred to in the Quran as Rooh-ul-Ameen/Ar-Rooh/Rooh-al-Qudus?

Hazrat Jibrael (A.S)

7:Who is in charge of rain?

Hazrat Mikael (A.S)

8:Who is in charge of provisions?

Hazrat Mikael (A.S)

9:Who is called as Malk-ul-Moot?

Hazrat Izraeel (A.S)

10:How many Holy Books are there?


11:What is the most important subject of the Holy Books?

Human beings

12:The Torat (the old testament) was revealed on………..

Hazrat Moosa (A.S)

13:The Zaboor (Psalm) was revealed on…………..

Hazrat David (A.S)

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14:The Injeel or Bible (New Testament) was revealed on…………….

Hazrat Issa (A.S)

15:The Holy Quran was revealed on………….

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

16:Of the Holy Book, which is superior?

Holy Quran

16:Of the Holy Books Allah takes responsibility for the everlasting preservation?


17:What are those people called who do not believe in Islam?

Kafirs (disbelievers

18:A person who reads the Kalima of Islam verbally and calls himself Muslim but disbelieves it heartily is called a

“Hypocrite” (Munafiq).

19:What is the alternative name of Islamic Qaeda/Belief?


20:______ is the basic Aqeeda of Islam?

Eman on Allah, Eman on Angels, Eman on Prophets, Eman on holy Books, Eman on Day of Judgement Day

21:Which word is opposite to Islam?


22:What did the Holy Quran say about Shirk?


23:What is meant by Wahi?

Hidden message (Prophetic Experiences)

24:What is the terminological meaning of Wahi?

Allah’s message which He sent to His Prophets

25:To whom Allah bless with Prophethood is called


26:______brings new Din whereas Nabi did not do so.


27:Who was the first Prophet?

Hazrat Adam (A.S)

28:If somebody after Muhammad (PBUH) claims Prophethood, what will we say to him?

Kajaab (Liar)

29:What was the source of the Prophet’s teaching?


30:To which Prophet Angels offered Sajda?

Hazrat Adam (A.S)

31:Is the word Rasool also used for Angels?


32:______,_____,_____&_______ the names of four famous Angels.

Hazrat Gabriel, Hazrat Izraeel, Hazrat Israfiel, Hazrat Mekael

33:Who are the two ministers of Muhammad (PBUH) in the sky?

Hazrat Gabriel, Hazrat Mekael

34:To convey ________ message to Nabi. (Brought the revelation from Allah to Prophet).


35:To capture ______. (He is called the angel of death) (Malaki Maut)


36:_______ is the duty of Hazrat Mekael?

To manage rains and eatings for the creature.

37:_____ is the duty of Hazrat Israfiel?

To blow Soor.

38:Name four Holy Books.

Torat, Zaboor, Injeel, and Holy Quran

39:To which Prophet Zaboor belonged?

Hazrat Dawood

40:Which book belonged to Hazrat Musa?


41:To which Prophet Injeel belonged?

Hazrat Essa (A.S)

42:In Torat by which name Muhammad (PBUH) were called?


43:In Zaboor under which name Muhammad (PBUH) were called?


44:Zaboor was the first to deliver Torat


45:In which language Torat, Zaboor, and Injeel were delivered?


46:What is the meaning of Akhirah?

A thing coming later

47:the angles are ____appointed to put questions to the dead in their graves.

Munkar & Nakeer

48:To ______is the function of Hazrat Makeal As…

Make rain and supply food to Allah’s creatures

49:to angels who are appointed on each person are known as

Kiramen katebeen

50:the angel who will blow the trumpet on the day of resurrection is

Hazrat Israfeel

51:______angels attend the every human permanently.


52:______times, Hazrat Jibril AS is mentioned in the Holy Quran.


53:______acts as Allah agents.


54: The meaning of Noor is

Divine light

55:the angels serve Allah in ______ways.


56:_______is referred in the Quran  as al -rooh

Hazrat jibraeil

57:the angels….. record all the  deeds


58. Of a person from birth to death to ______.

Present it on the day of judgment

59:on______spiritual Aasaman ,

the bait -ul-

60. Maamoor is located.


61:the religious which considers Hazrat

Mikael superior to Hazrat jibraeil is _____


62:_______is another order of intelligent beings besides human beings


63:_________,________&_________are absolutely obedient to Allah commands.

Jinns, animals &angels

64: though _____allah sent to convey his revelation to the prophet.


65:____ were sent to protect man.


66:hazrat jibraeil was sent to the prophet SAW

As a helper against enemies by_____


67:_____perform tawaf around the bait- ul-memoir.


68:_______is the bait- ul-mamoor.

The house of Allah is the heavens

69: The bait- ul-memoir is  a _____


70:_______ is (are) made of fire .


71:the honored angelic messenger is

Hazrat Jibril AS

72:_______is the in charge of rain

Hazrat Mikael SA

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