Top100 paradise mcqs oneliner- Islamic studies mcqs oneliner

Here in this post we are providing to you  Top100 paradise mcqs oneliner- Islamic studies mcqs oneliner. if you are preparing Islamic studies MCQs for Fpsc, Ppsc, Kppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Nts, IB, FIB, PMS, then here you are at the right place. Here we are providing to you the top more repeated Top Top100 paradise mcqs oneliner- Islamic studies mcqs oneliner. Here, you can prepare the Islamic Studies one-liner MCQs and download  PDF Download. The MCQs are available here for all competitive exams. Here you can easily prepare them. Here we are providing the latest Most Repeated Islamic Studies Islamyat Mcqs, the Top 100 Most Important Islamic Studies for Preparing, New MCQ Written Exams, and Interviews. Here you can found all ISLAMIC STUDIES MCQS100 Most Repeated Islamic Study Past Papers MCQs Islamic Studies one-liner MCQs PDF Download First in Islam Quran, Surah Ahadee Karma Namaz Azan Zakat Fasting Hajj Angel Holy Books Famous Imams Prophet Muhammad Prophet Wife Hazrat Umar Ali Medina Islamic Month Jihad Urdu Islamic Sharia Law Sihah Sitta Books Famous Islamic Landmarks Paradise Companions of the Prophet Khulafa Rashideen Ghazwat, Battle in Islam Usman Abu Bakar Makkah Ethics for Non Muslims Nickname of Companions Islamic Study in Urdu Duplicate World Islamic Empires OIC and Islamic Countries Famous Islamic Learning Centers


oneliner paradise top 100 mcqs
oneliner paradise top 100 mcqs

The Paradise has ________________ doors.


What the name of door in paradise that opens only for those that fast?

Al Rayyan

Haywaan (River of Life) is on which Heaven?

4th Heaven

The companion who lost both arms while fighting in the battle of Mut ah, and was given wings instead in paradise is _____?

Hazrat Jafar Ibn Abi Talib

Hazrat Isa (A.S) met with Holy Prophet ﷺ on the ________ heaven?


Baitul Mamoor is on ________ Heaven?


How many Doors of hell are there?


The number of angels of hell are ___?


Where does Jannah (Heaven) lies?

Under Mother’s feet

Paradise is mentioned in Quran for ___ times.


The creation of heaven and earth is in which Surah?

Surah Al Al Araf

Who is the gatekeeper of hell?


In how many days Allah created the heavens and the earth?


What is the fifth belief in Iman-e-Mufassal?

The day of judgment

Who will be first person questioned on Day of Qiyamat?

Jibreel (A.S)

The first meal in Jannah will be_______?

Fish Liver

What is the name of the forces of Hell (Jahanam)?


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