Top 100 Kalma کلمہ Mcqs

Here we are providing you all MCQs regarding Karma کلمہ. Here we have provided you the Karma کلمہ that are most important and repeating in all exams. You can prepare your Islamic study all Karma کلمہ for any exam.

Top 100 Kalma کلمہ Mcqs
Top 100 Kalma کلمہ Mcqs
  1. Kalmah is__________ pillar of Islam?
    Ans. 1st Pillar of Islam
    2.  On what occasion all the six kalimahs are recited by the Muslims?
    Ans. Nikah
    3. In Islam, Obligations are called _____________?
    Ans. Farz
    4. Opposite of Tauheed is__________?
    Ans. Shirk
    5. 5th pillar of Islam is?
    Ans. Hajj
    6. The name of the sixth Kalimah is________?
    Ans. Kalimah Radd-i-Kufar
    7. How many words are there in First Kalimah?
    Ans. 7
    8. Which Kalima without a dot?
    Ans. 1st
    9. How many times Kalima Tayiba is mentioned in the Holy Quran?
    Ans. 2 times
    10. What is the meaning of Tehsil?
    Ans. The recitation of the first Kalima
    11. The name of the fifth Kalimah is?
    Ans. Kalimah Istighfar
    12.Tahleel means Recitation of__________?
    Ans. Kalimahs
    13. Which Kalma is necessary to Muslims?
    Ans. Kalma-e-Tayyaba
    14. The name of second Kalimah is_____.
    Ans. Kalimah Sahadat
    15. Give the fundamental beliefs of Islam in the proper order?
    Ans. Tauheed, Risalat, Malaika, Alhami Kutub and Akhirat,
    16. اسلام کے بنیادی عقائد کتنے ہیں؟]
    Ans. 5
    17. The first Kalima consists of how many dots _____?
    Ans. Zero
    18. Kalima Tayyaba, salat, Zakat, Hajj and soam are the fundamental ________ of Islam?
    Ans. Pillars
    19. No action in Islam is accepted without:
    Ans. Tauheed
    20. What Is the Meaning of Tawheed?
    Ans. Oneness
    21. 6 kalima is known as
    Ans. Rad e kuffar
    22. A collection of two or more than 2 words are called
    Ans. Markab

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